Complaints Procedure

At Dental Implants Scotland, we take your satisfaction very seriously. Although we are not your primary dental care provider, we endeavour to ensure that your experience with our affiliated dental professionals is positive and meets the high standards we stand for.

Our Role and Your Care

As an intermediary, we facilitate your connection with experienced and qualified dental professionals across Scotland. Each dental provider we partner with maintains their own complaints procedure in line with professional standards. 

Should you have any concerns regarding the treatment you receive, we encourage you to address these directly with the dental practice involved.

How to Raise a Concern

If you wish to raise a concern to Dental Implants Scotland about your dentist, please follow these steps:

  • Initial Contact: Send us a detailed account of your experience or concern via email at Please include any relevant information or correspondence.
  • Acknowledgement: We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days and provide you with a timeline for our investigation process.
  • Resolution: Our dedicated team will review your concern, liaise with the dental practice if necessary, and aim to provide a resolution within 28 days.

Dental Practice Complaints

Each of our affiliated dental practices has a dedicated procedure for handling complaints:

  • We recommend contacting the dental practice directly to resolve your concerns swiftly.
  • If you require assistance in contacting the dental practice, please let us know, and we will facilitate this process for you.

GDC Complaints Procedure

For complaints directly related to dental services and care, you have the option to follow the General Dental Council’s (GDC) complaints procedure. The GDC regulates dental professionals in the UK, maintaining standards for the benefit of patients. 

Their procedure offers a formal avenue for resolving complaints about professional misconduct, health, or performance of a dental professional.

For more information, visit the GDC website or contact them directly.

Contacting Us

If you need further assistance with your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Dental Implants Scotland

Office 2/3

2nd Floor

48 West George Street


G2 1BP